CA CAP III Advanced Financial Reporting Module-I

The Module-I of Advanced Financial Reporting includes:

Chapter-1:NAS/NFRS on assets of Financial Statement

NAS 2 Inventories,

NAS 16 Properties, Plant and Equipement,

NAS 17 Leases 

NAS 23 Borrowing Cost

NAS 36 Impairment of Assets

NAS 38 Intangible Assets

NAS 40 Investment Property

NFRS 5 Non-Current Assets held for sales and discontinued operation

Chapter-2: NAS/NFRS on presentation of Financial Statement

NAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statement

Conceptual Framework

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It is the Module_I of AFR. It includes NAS/NFRS on assets of Financial Statement and presentation of Financial Statement (Detailed Syllabus)

Faculty: Anurag Wagle, Chartered Accountant

Price: Rs 10000

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