CA CAP III Advanced Financial Reporting Module-II

The Module-II of Advanced Financial Reporting includes:

Chapter 1: NAS on measurement based on accounting policies

(NAS 8, NAS 10, NAS 13)

Chapter 2: NAS on liabilities of financial statement

(NAS 19, NAS 37, NFRS 2)

Chapter 3: NAS on disclosure of financial statement

(NAS 24, NAS 26, NAS 33, NAS 34, NFRS 8)

Chapter 4: NAS on specialized entity transaction

(NAS 41, NFRS 4, NFRS 6)

Chapter 5: Other accounting standards

(NAS 12)

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It is the Module II of AFR. It includes NAS on measurement based on accounting policies, liabilities of financial statement, disclosure of financial statement, specialized entity transaction and other accounting standards (Detailed Syllabus)

Faculty: Anurag Wagle, Chartered Accountant

Price: Rs 10000

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